Paul Brown Stadium

Cincinnati, OH

By using 3D laser scanning techniques commonly used to determine floor flatness, Sportworks Design, with help from it’s sister company TrueScan, was able to identify settlement patterns connected to old utilities and calculate the exact amount of stone required for remediation at Paul the Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio long before the first strip of synthetic turf was removed. Using 3D laser scanners to evaluate the field, TrueScan was able to collect approximately 2.1 billion points of data regarding the planarity of the field, which they were then able to translate into a very precise map which showed all of the dips and undulations.

The brand-new tool allowed Sportworks to deliver a precise analysis of the finished field after the synthetic turf was replaced, providing assurance to the client about the high quality of the finished product. Additionally, by using 3D laser scanning, the work was also able to be completed in a compressed timeframe while the team was still using the field.

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