Synthetic Turf Design

The synthetic turf market is very competitive and fast-changing. Many turf manufacturers are continually researching new technologies to improve their products. Due to ever-changing technologies, owners are presented with many products and options currently available, which can be stressful. Most owners are not aware of the various types of turf systems, turf fibers, turf infills, or shock pads available.


Sportworks’ goal is to simplify the process with owners and facility managers. After determining your intended use, budget, and other priorities, we match the correct turf system with your needs. Our process gives you the right mix of performance, durability, and value.

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We help eliminate confusion caused by the variety of turf products available to you. With the ever-changing synthetic turf market, we provide our clients with unbiased opinions about products that should be considered for their specific project.

We have established relationships with a majority of synthetic turf manufacturers and installers, which gives us the ability to keep the owners informed with the various products offered. Once the products have been selected, we provide the necessary documents to obtain storm drainage permit and construction documents for the synthetic turf field.

Sportworks brings the unique advantage of being industry leaders for synthetic turf through our involvement in the Synthetic Turf Council. The value of working with, and learning from, some of the nation’s top manufacturers and builders equips our designers with the most recent products and trends throughout the industry. Having worked on over 100 athletic projects, Sportworks has access to and knowledge of a wide range of products, vendors, and contractors. This is vital information for the team to have at our hands when checking in pricing and will give the project flexibility in the budget without compromising the quality of the finished product.

Grove City High School Baseball Pitcher Mound

Streamlined Process

Step by Step Guideline for Selecting a Synthetic Turf System:

Step 1: Determine Anticipated Usage

Answer questions such as “Will this primarily be used for games, or will it also serve as a multi-purpose field for events and graduation?” “How often will the field be used?” The answers to these questions determine the fiber and quality you select.

Step 2: What are your system performance priorities?

Speed of play? Ball interaction? Safety? Maintenance? Cost? Each part of the synthetic turf system can be customized to fit your needs.

Step 3: Make an informed decision

Time to pull the trigger. After you learn about the options, it’s time to determine your budget and make a decision. Synthetic turf is not a one-size fits-all solution but should be customized to your priority and budget.