Campus Site Planning

From space constraints to budget limitations, most sports facilities owners face many hurdles when designing or re-designing a sports campus. To make sure you get the most out of your project, we’ll set clear goals and expectations at the beginning of the project. Our sports engineers will design a campus master plan that shows a variety of layouts, helping you achieve your goals while using innovative ways to save money. 

Most athletic campuses we work on share a common goal: fitting every desired athletic field, court, or future sports facility into the overall site. Factors that play a significant role in campus design plans include field and court orientation, synthetic and natural turf drainage, and technical engineering elements such as detention basins. Sportworks Design has completed hundreds of athletic facility projects, and there’s no hurdle we can’t overcome. Our experts make a complex process feel simple, all while creating attractive and exciting indoor and outdoor athletic facilities for players, parents, and stakeholders. 

Take What the Defense Gives You

Take What the Defense Gives You 

Sportworks ensures commonly overlooked aspects will go under review during the decision-making process, eliminating red flags down the road. We’ve got your back; let us tackle these technical elements of your sports facility project:  

  • The slope and grading of the site 
  • Synthetic Turf Drainage 
  • Spectator and athlete interaction 
  • Size of venue 
  • Size of fields and facilities 
  • Utility availability 
  • Electric service 
  • Sanitary sewer 
  • Storm sewer 
  • Gas service 
  • Water service 
  • Irrigation 

Comprehensive Campus Site Planning Services:

Sportworks services take you from developing the initial concept plan through a successfully built sports facility that includes: 

  • Land-use analysis 
  • Layout and design of fields, courts, parking, and facilities 
  • Accurate basemap and surveying services 
  • Civil engineering services provide proper drainage, field planarity, and ADA access 
  • Landscape architecture services establish a seamless fit between the hardscape surfaces and plantings on the site that creates the desired atmosphere 
  • Site renderings to help with stakeholder buy-in and decision-making 
  • Cost estimation 
  • Materials for public presentations and stakeholder buy-in 
  • Construction administration

What's Next?

Ensure your field or court meets current regulations and your priorities by understanding potential problems upfront, so you end up with a beautifully designed facility.

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