Synthetic Turf Design

The synthetic turf market is very competitive and fast-changing because turf manufacturers are constantly researching new ways to improve their products. Due to ever-changing technologies, sports facility owners can choose from many products and options. Most owners are unaware of the various types of synthetic turf systems, fibers, infills, and shock pads.  

Sportworks goal is to simplify the process for owners and facility managers. We match the correct synthetic turf system with your needs after determining your intended use, budget, and other priorities. Our approach gives you the right mix of performance, durability, and value. 

Synthetic Turf Design Services: 

  • Turf Fibers Selection 
  • Turf Infill Selection 
  • Turf Performance 
  • Field Layout & Design 
  • Drainage Design

Home Field Advantage

We’ve established relationships with synthetic turf manufacturers and installers, giving us the ability to keep owners informed about the various products offered. Once you select the best product for your project, we’ll prepare the necessary design documents to obtain a storm drainage permit and construction documents for your synthetic turf field. 

Sportworks brings the unique advantage of being industry leaders for synthetic turf through our involvement in the Synthetic Turf Council. The value of working with, and learning from, the nation’s top manufacturers and builders equips our designers with the most current products and trends throughout the industry.  

Having worked on over 300+ athletic projects, Sportworks has access to and knowledge of various products, vendors, and contractors. Our research and connections are vital when comparing pricing, giving the project flexibility in the budget without compromising the quality of the finished product. 

Streamlined Process for Selecting a Synthetic Turf System

Step 1: Determine Anticipated Usage

Answer questions such as "Will this primarily be used for games, or will it also serve as a multi-purpose field for events and graduation?" "How often will the field be used?" The answers to these questions determine the fiber and quality you select.

Step 2: Establish System Performance Priorities

Speed of play? Ball interaction? Safety? Maintenance? Cost? Customize each part of your synthetic turf system to fit your needs.

Step 3: Make an Informed Decision

Time to pull the trigger. After you learn about your options, it's time to determine your budget and decide. Synthetic turf is not a one-size-fits-all solution, allowing you to customize based on your priorities and budget.

What's Next?

Ensure your field or court meets current regulations and your priorities by understanding potential problems upfront, so you end up with a beautifully designed facility.

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