Campus Site Planning

From space constraints to budget limitations, most owners of sports facilities are faced with a multitude of hurdles when it comes time to design or re-design their sports campus. But by setting clear goals and expectations at the beginning of a project, a master plan can help make sure you achieve the most important goals while looking for innovative ways to save money.

A majority of sites we work on share one common goal: how can we fit each field, court, or future facility into the overall site? Between drainage, field and court orientation, and less thought-of elements like detention basins, there are many factors to consider. Having completed hundreds of athletic facility projects, Sportworks Design can help walk owners through the process, coming up with a site that is attractive and exciting for players, visitors, stakeholders.

Take What the Defense Gives You

There are many factors to consider when planning the layout of a future athletic facility. Some essential details in preparing for this stage include:

  • The slope and grading of the site
  • Drainage
  • Spectator and athlete interaction
  • Size of venue
  • Size of fields and facilities
  • Utility availability
  • Electric service
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Storm sewer
  • Gas service
  • Water service
  • Irrigation

Sportworks Design focuses on these technical elements so you can concentrate on what’s important to you: providing your players, coaches, and spectators with a thrilling and memorable experience.

Warren County Park, OH

Comprehensive services:

Our services take you from developing the initial concept plan through a successful final product that includes:

  • Land-use analysis
  • Field, court, parking, and facility layout and design on the site
  • Expert guidance to ensure the project meets major priorities while keeping budget in mind
  • Accurate basemap and surveying services
  • Civil engineering services providing everything from proper drainage, to field flatness to ADA access
  • Landscape architecture services to establish a seamless fit between the hardscape surfaces and plantings into the site that creates the desired atmosphere
  • Site renderings and 3D models to help with stakeholder buy-in and decision-making
  • Cost estimation
  • Materials for public presentations and stakeholder buy-in
  • Construction administration