About Us

Our Background is Engineering and Design.
Our Passion is Sports.

Sportworks Design helps you build the athletic facility YOU want. Whether your challenge is fitting multiple fields on a small site, evaluating the hundreds of turf and track options, or bringing an old field that refuses to drain back to life, we’ve been there, done that, and are ready to share our know-how with you.

As a division of The Kleingers Group, we have a deep bench to tackle even your largest projects – but don’t worry, you’ll be working directly with our athletic design experts who spend their days thinking “sports.”

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We Play on a National Field

At Sportworks, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders in shaping the landscape in which we play. We prioritize understanding the intricacies and science of athletic fields and have the experience to prove it.

What We're Made Of

Civil Engineers

First and foremost, fields are about shaping the land. That’s what a civil engineer does best.

Landscape Architects

Create an experience from the moment players, fans and visitors step foot on the site.

Land Surveyors

Start with the best possible information to create the best possible design.

3D Laser Scanners

New technology takes standards – including field planarity – to new levels.

Our Roster

Brad D’Agnillo, PE

Group Leader

Craig Honkomp, PE, PS, LEED AP

Sr. Sports Engineer

Megan Cyr, PE, LEED AP

Project Manager

Kayleigh Hammond

Sports Engineer

Jim Kleingers, PE, PS, LEED AP

Founder and Executive Chairman

David Higgins

Engineer I

Kyle Greulach

Engineer I