Alexander High School Track Renovation

Albany, OH

Sportworks Design provided survey and civil engineering services for the Alexander Local School District as a part of its track renovation. For this project, the existing 7-lane running track was converted into an 8-lane running track. The challenge with adding an 8th lane to this track was the track was locked in on three sides. The home and visitor bleachers could not be moved on the sides of the track, and there are electric meters and appurtenances on one end.

To fit a 400-meter, 8-lane running track with these constraints, the track was pulled in, lengthened, and shifted to the south. With the track shift, the football field was also shifted south, so the two elements were still centered around each other. With the lengthening of the track oval, the scoreboard was relocated, and a storage building was removed and rebuilt. The project also included:
A new 4-foot-tall fence
A new concrete sidewalk
A bleacher addition

The existing track oval drained from lane 1 to lane 8, which was corrected during the project to drain from lane 8 to lane 1 per industry standards. With this, trench drains were installed inside lane 1 to capture the stormwater and allow the soccer field to be as wide as possible inside the track. The grass field received an upgraded irrigation system and new sod to complete the project.

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