Alice Lloyd College Synthetic Turf Installation

Pippa Passes, Kentucky

Alice Lloyd College, located in Pippa Passes, KY, resides in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, so finding useable land for athletics is hard. Currently, their baseball and softball fields sit 380’ and 490’ above campus, and access to the field is limited to switchback rounds. The college lacked playing space for their soccer teams and often battled for practice time utilizing the baseball outfield.

Sportworks Design provided a solution to their challenge by installing synthetic turf across the entire baseball playing surface. Additionally, the outfield runoff areas were widened to allow a full-sized soccer field to be stripped and used when needed. Designing the field drainage on the side of a mountain took some innovation to avoid trenching through rock. The design also considered any hillside drainage upstream of the field to help prevent the new turf field from being washed away over time.

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