Greater Latrobe Schools & St. Vincent College - Memorial Stadium Track Master Plan

Latrobe, Pennsylvania

The esteemed Kleingers Group, operating under the moniker of Sportworks Design, was chosen for its excellence in civil and sports engineering to collaborate with the architectural team in crafting the Track Master Plan for Memorial Stadium, situated in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. This ambitious master plan envisions the transformation of the current 6-lane track into a state-of-the-art 8-lane track, equipped for all field events in accordance with NCAA competition standards.

This revamped facility aims to serve both St. Vincent College, which currently lacks a track, and the Greater Latrobe School District. When complete, the facility will proudly feature an 8-lane track, steeplechase, high jump, dual double long jumps, dual double pole vaults, dual shot puts, discus, and a javelin runway and landing sector, all meticulously designed to meet NCAA specifications.

In the development of this master plan, The Kleingers Group’s role was multifaceted. We undertook a comprehensive review of the topographic survey and utilized Civil 3D to present various layout propositions for the envisaged 8-lane facility, which included options both for expanding the track inwardly and outwardly. Our team then delved into assessing the implications of these changes on existing features, both within and around the track oval. Additionally, we meticulously plotted the field events to optimize spatial arrangements, ensuring an ideal layout for coaches, athletes, and spectators. This spatial planning also ensured ample space for potential site enhancements, such as a community building. Furthermore, The Kleingers Group was instrumental in providing budgetary cost estimations for the envisioned facility.



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