Miami University Track Assessment

Oxford, OH

The Kleingers Group, operating under the banner of Sportworks Design, was entrusted with providing advanced 3D laser scanning alongside expert sports engineering testing and consulting services to Miami University. This collaboration was aimed at the meticulous assessment of the George L. Rider Track. Given that the Rider Track is approaching its renewal period, the University expressed a need for an in-depth evaluation to identify areas requiring enhancement and the extent of such improvements.

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D laser scanning methodologies, Sportworks Design, in collaboration with its affiliate, TrueScan, adeptly identified settlement patterns both around the track oval and within the D-areas. This precision-driven approach endowed the University with heightened confidence in understanding the track’s slope, planarity, and the necessary adjustments to the asphalt base when it comes to the replacement phase.

Beyond the creation of the 3D model, Sportworks embarked on a thorough analysis of the track‚Äôs cross-slope and running direction to gauge its alignment with NCAA regulations, pinpointing any non-compliant zones. An examination of the existing full-pour polyurethane system’s depth was also undertaken to recognize areas of excessive wear and potential delamination. In culmination, Sportworks extended expert consultation on the probable reasons for the observed settlement areas, accompanied by tailored recommendations for effective remediation.


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