University of Cincinnati Nippert Stadium Lower Bowl Renovations

Cincinnati, Ohio

For the historic UC Nippert Stadium to meet the MLS 225 square footage width requirement, Sportworks Field Design was brought in to provide civil engineering and survey services to widen the field. The first two rows of seating were removed to make a 12-foot run out on the sidelines for throw ins and signage. Additionally, walls in the back corners of the field were moved back another six to seven rows to meet the 225 width.

In addition to widening the field, Sportworks improved the drainage on the field by rolling back the old turf and adding new turf keeping in mind to match both turfs to create a smooth transition to the steps. Finally, Sportworks installed a three-sprinkler irrigation system in one corner of the stadium to cool off the turf that was being hit by the rays reflected off the press box.

The Project Team