IIAAA Session Lesson: Do Field or Facility Upgrades Impact Interscholastic Contest Planning, Management & More?


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Brad D'Agnillo

Thank You, IIAAA 2023, Great Conference!

“This year’s IIAAA was another GREAT experience for the Sportworks Design team, thanks to all the ADs who stopped by our booth and said hello. Several exciting field and facility projects are in the works,” said Brad D’Agnillo after returning from the March Conference.

Did you know field and track renovations planned for next Fall, or that new athletic facility your team is scoping TODAY can have a direct impact on Interscholastic Contest Planning and Management for decades to come? Sports Design and Engineering Projects have variables and implications that can resonate for years within its community — for generations, even. That’s why Sportworks Design Teams consider all the variables, from every angle, and help our clients anticipate for the future.

Athlete safety, crowd safety, and crowd experience are critical factors for every project we work on with IIAAA Members, and we look forward to discussing every angle on your next renovation or facility design. In some urban situations, space-use & efficiency is often the major variable. Its consideration will drive every other factor. That may not be YOUR project’s primary engineering or design consideration, but there will be at least one — always. Learn how Sportworks Design teams create success. When space is sparse, but future multi-sport & multi-season Interscholastic Contests are nearly infinite? Solutions exist. Read more real project stories here:

Xenia, Ohio, City Schools planned ahead for their future track when installing a new synthetic turf field. Although Xenia knew that they would eventually like to build a synthetic track around their football field, the projects were planned separately, building the football field first. Knowing that the bleachers would eventually come down to the future track and a certain amount of egress will be required, Sportworks designed the elevation of the new synthetic turf field to accommodate the track.

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