Highland High School Synthetic Turf and Track

Sportworks Design provided surveying and civil engineering design services to replace the existing natural turf field at Highland High School with a new synthetic turf field and 8-lane track within the existing football stadium.

Sportworks met with Highland Schools to develop concepts for the new turf system to understand program, desires, and goals, helping the District pinpoint their needs and best make decisions based on cost and durability. The turf chosen includes a modern acrylic coated sand, underlain by a shock absorption pad that softens the surface. Since installing the system, there are no noticeable spots of wear and tear, and the school now spends less on labor to maintain the field. The new turf is also extremely durable which was necessary since youth football, soccer, high school and middle school football use this field.

Sportworks also performed the permitting and approvals for stormwater management per Morrow County requirements and for erosion control per the NPDES NOI Erosion Control Permit.