Otterbein University Memorial Stadium Renovation

Westerville, Ohio

The Kleingers Group, operating under Sportworks Design, delivered expert surveying and engineering solutions for the Memorial Stadium Enhancements – a prestigious project valued at $2 million. This initiative encompassed the removal of the original track surface, replaced by an advanced 8-lane synthetic track. Furthermore, the previously existing grass field underwent a significant upgrade featuring enhanced drainage and state-of-the-art Synthetic Turf, striped for compatibility with four prominent sports: Football, Soccer, and both Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse.

In addition to these upgrades, our team adeptly incorporated new NCAA track events, including the long jump, high jump, pole vault, and steeplechase. A notable challenge was the meticulous planning and execution demanded by the limited workspace, with all operations conducted between the prevailing grandstands and a critical utility tunnel serving the campus.

To ensure precision, we undertook an exhaustive topographic survey of the field, the stadium, and its immediate environs. The utility exploration phase was comprehensive, pinpointing the precise locations, dimensions, and depths of various subterranean utilities within the defined project boundaries.



Higher Education

  • Otterbein University synthetic turf renovation at Memorial Stadium